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Pohaku Consulting is a full service testing and inspection firm specializing in verification of homes and developments desiring to get their project officially certified through the LEED for Homes green rating system.  As Home Energy Rater (HERS Rater), I am authorized to inspect and test homes for compliance with both the Energy and Atmosphere (EA) portion of LEED-Homes and the Energy Star New Homes program. LEED-Homes requires that homes be at least Energy Star compliant. See my services page for more detailed information on these and other programs.

My philosophy:

These days everyone is going green, sustainable and carbon neutral. These terms mean many different things to people depending on their particular point of view (remember when green was just a color?). My goal at Pohaku Consulting is to work with homeowners, builders, and architects to define these terms for a particular project that are in line with the budget, mindset and aesthetic vision of the people involved. I don’t impose my viewpoint or definition of what is green, rather I offer my expertise to interpret terms and build consensus within the team on what aspects of green or sustainability are right for the project and fit within the team goals.

Whether simply wishing for advice on ways to build or remodel your home with less impact on the environment and healthier indoor air quality or have a project going for Platinum certification under the LEED Homes rating system, Pohaku Consulting has the expertise and accreditation needed to meet your goals. I combine my training in building science and green building rating programs with my experience on numerous projects to provide you with the guidance you need to reach your green building goals.

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